There is no woman who haven’t dreamed about beautiful hands and feet, soft and smooth skin, groomed and healthy nails.

” WULA Nailsoul” care products will take care of your beauty and health their use will be pleasant spa-treatment for you.

Hand and nail cream “Apricot and Shea oil”

Cream, with soft texture and amazing apricot smell, is melting on the skin and gives a sense of comfort.

Cream is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Shea oil moisturize, tone hand skin and preserve its youth.

Panthenol - one of the component – strengthens nail structure, gives thaem groomed and healthy look, reduces fragility.

Hand skin is getting soft and silky.

200 ml

Regenerating hand and nail cream “Pomegranate and raspberry”

Ideally softening cream with gourmet berry smell.

Its melting texture instantly absorbed, recovering and protecting dry dehydrated skin. Vitamin E, working as an antioxidant, perfectly nourish and gives freshness and elasticity for your skin.

Is recommended for caring your dry and brittle nails after polish removing or manicure procedure.


Intensive nutritious hand and nail cream “Apple with Honey”

Cream, with amazing smell of baked with honey apples, immediately removes irritation, protect and nourish dry and wounded skin.

Create invisible gloves on the skin and nails that protects from external influence.

Vitamin F greatly improves metabolic rate of epidermal layer also it has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.

200 ml

Moisturizing hand and nail cream “Chocolate and Orange with Sweet Almond Oil”

Hand and nail cream, with nice smell of chocolate and orange pulp, perfectly moisturize and soften the skin, making it smooth like silk.

Sweet almond oil, among the components, gives pleasant velvety for your skin.

Cream saves natural hydration balance of the skin layers and gently care about your hands .

200 ml

Foot cream “Green tea and Mint”

This cream perfectly moisturizes skin of the feet, gives little cooling feel and freshness.

It completely absorbs, leaving no stickiness.

Mint essential oil provides calming and relaxing influence.

200 ml

Moisturizing foot cream “Kiwi-Gooseberry” with herbs extract complex

Fresh smell of “Kiwi-Gooseberry” foot cream will give levity and vigor feelings for your feet.

Because of unique combination of herbs extracts, this cream will provide your feet with optimal care and protection and will make them moisturized and supplied for as long as possible.

Completely absorbing without leaving oily film.

200 ml

Sugar hand scrubs Wula nailsoul 150ml

Hand skin mostly exposed to the irritating impacts from the household chemicals and temperature fluctuations. Daily care at home can solve this problems. It is not enough to moisturize and supply your skin with masks and creams: first of all skin needs peeling. Sugar hand scrubs WULA Nailsoul – are the best for regeneration.

Wula nailsoul sugar hand scrub ”Strawberry in Chocolate”
Wula nailsoul sugar hand scrub ”Cherry and Vitamin B5”Wula nailsoul Sugar hand scrub ”Apple Pear Apricot”

Salt foot scrub “Wula nailsoul” 200 mlFeet need care not less than hands or face. Foot scrubs will help to get your feet in shape and keep them in good condition. With their help you can fix any problem: dryness, irritation, cracks. Salt that is the main part of scrubs’ composition — is not only perfect abrasive for dry feet but also is a fount of nutrients for their regeneration. Salt provides healing effect, increases blood circulation, remove toxins and save from unpleasant smell.

Wula nailsoul salt foot scrub ”Lime & Chili“
Wula nailsoul salt foot scrub ”Sea extracts“Wula nailsoul salt foot scrub ”Bamboo"